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Interview Tips

Interview Do's
    • Make eye contact, firm handshake, introduce yourself. First impressions are formed in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone.
    • Dress appropriately, suit or ensemble, nice pants and collared shirt clean and pressed.
    • Present yourself well groomed, hair combed and nails clean.
    • Be prompt and on time for the interview (at least 10 Minutes).
    • Have a 30 second summary of experience and skills ready to roll off your tongue when a potential employer says, "Tell me about yourself."
    • Thank the potential employer for their time and send a thank you note the same day you interview.
    • Sit up straight in your chair, arms uncrossed.
    • Provide a professional resume.
Interview Don'ts
    • Wear heavy perfume, smoke a cigarette or eat strong smelling food right before an interview.
    • Chew gum during the interview.
    • Ramble on and give more information than asked for.
    • Put down former employers and supervisors.
    • Wear revealing clothes, excessive baggy pants, t-shirts with offensive words or pictures.
    • Lean on the desk of the person interviewing you.
    • Wear things like sunglasses or hats..
    • Forget good manners while talking to a potential employer.


Staffing Checklist:

What should you look for in a staffing service.


    • They have the type of staffing help you need.
    • First interaction with the company was positive.
    • They are a member of a state or national staffing association.
    • They handle positions in your field.
    • The company has been in business in your area for at least 5 years.
    • What is the staff tenure? Will the people you meet be there next year?
    • They are staffing and or human resource certified.
    • Their in house staff is experienced in staffing minimum of two years.
    • They are a reputable company in the community.
    • If you responded to an advertisement, does the job exist?
    • What is the agency's pay schedule?

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