About Us

Over two decades ago, Frieda Doolen created an Employment Agency with the idea to help people find careers and companies find the right people. As the employment climate changed so did the industry, from permanent placement agency to a temporary agency. Henceforth, we were called First Temporaries until the winds of change blew again and our clients needed more options. This prompted us to offer total Human Resource Services, from employment to counseling, and to reflect this change we became WORKCO Staffing Service.

In 1984 Frieda's daughter Christine Russell joined her and became a full partner by 1989. To better service our clients in Anderson County, an office was opened in Palestine in 1991. WORKCO continues to service clients from these two regional offices that encompass a six county area. Through all the years the one thing that has remained constant is Frieda Doolen and Chris Russell's commitment to providing a comprehensive employment service for East Texas.

One of the things that keeps WORKCO Staffing Services thriving after 30 years is the hard work and dedication to staying current with all employment issues. WORKCO has succeeded by showing our customers and our community we care about their day-to-day operations and their success. Of course, WORKCO owes most of it's success to its incredibly talented staff that makes WORKCO what it is today...the Employment Leader of East Texas!